Behavioral Health Collaborative Care

The St. Margaret’s Health Collaborative Care Behavioral Health Program is available to St. Margaret’s Health patients who are referred for specialized support by their primary care provider (PCP). We work with most patients in your primary care provider’s office! Our team is made up of your primary care provider, a behavioral health care manager, a psychiatric consultant and you! In this program, we all work together to improve your overall well-being.

SMH Behavioral Health Program:

  • A behavioral health care manager will work with you for 6-10 months to build skills and techniques to improve your behavioral health symptoms.
  • A psychiatrist consults with your behavioral health counselor and your primary care provider to help determine treatment options and assess
    your progress.
  • The behavioral health care manager will often call you or meet with you in-person to discuss your mood symptoms, medication effectiveness, and administer questionnaires to help track your progress.
  • If you need additional behavioral health services after 10 months, your behavioral health counselor will discuss options for additional behavioral health services.
  • Depending on your insurance, there may be cost sharing for participation in this program related to the services you receive, both face-to-face and others.
  • You will receive brief evidenced-based counseling interventions and therapies. Follow up appointments are typically 15-30 minutes.
  • Your primary care provider may consult with
    relevant specialists, which includes talking with a psychiatric consultant.

Patient Role

You are the most important person on the team! You will get the best care if you participate actively with your doctor and behavioral health care manager (BHCM). Tell them what is working for you and what is not. Work with your team to track your progress. Let them know if you have questions or concerns about your care. If you take medication, know what it is and take it as prescribed

Primary Care Provider Role

The primary care provider oversees all aspects of your care. The PCP will make and/or confirm your diagnosis and may write or refill prescriptions for medications. The PCP works closely with your counselor to stay informed about your treatment progress. The PCP may also consult with the team psychiatrist if there are questions about the best treatments for you.

Behavioral Health Care Manager Role

The behavioral health care manager works closely with you and the PCP to implement a treatment plan. Your BHCM will teach you skills and techniques to help you better manage your behavioral health symptoms. They will check in with you to keep track of your treatment progress and can help identify side effects if you are taking medications. The PCP and BHCM work together with you if a change in your treatment is needed. The BHCM may also refer you for more intensive behavioral health services if that is part of your treatment plan.

Psychiatric Consultant Role

The psychiatric consultant is an expert consultant to the PCP and the BHCM. This psychiatric provider is available to advise your care team about diagnostic questions or treatment options, especially if you don’t improve with your initial treatment. The BHCM meets and consults regularly with the psychiatric consultant to talk about the progress of patients in the program and to think about treatment options. With your permission, the psychiatric consultant may meet with you in person or via telemedicine to help inform your care. However, you do not have to be prescribed psychiatric medication to participate in collaborative care.

How the Collaborative Care Team Works

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