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We’re Committed to Caring for the WHOLE You.

At St. Margaret’s Health, we understand that one’s overall health is not purely physical—our well-being is influenced not only by our bodies, but our minds, spirits and behaviors as well. Our goal is to help the people of our communities live their healthiest lives. To do that, we must address and serve the growing need for mental and behavioral health services in our area.

Every three years, St. Margaret’s Health, along with other community partners, participate in a community health needs assessment, which involves residents of the communities we serve helping us to identify (through an anonymous survey and other means), the most critical health issues and needs within our area. What our findings have consistently shown is a clear need for greater access to mental and behavioral health services.

We’ve listened to this feedback, and to help meet these growing needs, we set out to provide just that. This vital undertaking began to take form when St. Margaret’s Health – Spring Valley became the recipient of a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) grant to support expanding behavioral health services in our area. The grant awarded two million dollars each year, for two years to help establish our Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, St. Margaret’s Center for Holistic Health & Wellness, which primarily serves the residents of LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam and Marshall Counties.

Furthermore, the SAMSHA grant made it possible to hire clinicians to help support our medical providers’ care for patients needing mental health and substance abuse services. Our clinicians include Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC) and Behavioral Health Care Coordinators.

While our main location is in the adjacent space next to St. Margaret’s Center for Family Health in Princeton, Illinois, we also have embedded counselors in satellite offices in some of our larger primary care clinics to improve mental health services and assist physicians and Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants in attending to this patient population. Our goal is to provide greater access to these services throughout our core service area.

Our Valued Partnership

We are not alone in the work we are doing. St. Margaret’s is partnered with Arukah Institute of Healing, which is also located in Princeton. Arukah works alongside St. Margaret’s to provide high-quality, community-based care and help break down the barriers people often face when they try to get help. In addition to counseling services, Arukah brings a strong wellness component through complementary therapies and other approaches, which are daily activities all people can do to stay well. Once renovations to our building are completed, Arukah will be relocating its services to St. Margaret’s Center for Holistic Health & Wellness.

With Arukah on-site Center for Holistic Health & Wellness will be equipped to provide wellness, counseling, psychiatry, primary care and crisis or group/family therapies to whomever walks through the door. Learn more about Arukah Institute of Healing.

Our Work in the Community

St. Margaret’s and Arukah also do important work outside our clinic locations and in our communities, right and when the need arises. Together, we offer on-demand mobile services 24/7 to help individuals in mental health or substance abuse crisis. Learn more here. 


In addition to crisis therapy in the community, St. Margaret’s Center for Holistic Health & Wellness also makes a difference in the lives of those with non-medical struggles as well, such as reliable employment, food, education, housing, social support and family dynamic. To meet these non-medical needs, we leverage collaborations of the C5-Rural Network. Learn more about C5-Rural Network and our involvement.

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